About The Project

02 Nov – 06 Dec 2019

In a climate of polarisation, we are exploring: how might dissent be a creative action?

We currently live in an increasingly polarised society where for many reasons you can find yourself either ‘inside’ or ‘outside’. Divisions exist politically environmentally, ideologically, economically and socially. At the same time our understanding of our own identity is changing, lines are blurring between an online and offline world. Through conversation and creative participation we can learn more about ourselves, and working collaboratively.

Through performative and conversational art experiments at Winchester School of Art, CAS Associate Artists were invited to explore how dissent can be be creative and constructive.

Participating Artists

Andrew Jones
Susan Merrick
Laurence Dube-Rushby
David Dixon
James Aldridge
Tina Sanchez
Karen WoodJulia Keenan
Kimvi Nguyen
Maija Liepins
Sharon Harvey
Clarisse Wisser

CAS Artists’ were at Winchester School of Art responding to the theme Inside/Outside. Pop-up exhibitions, performances and provocations emerged over the course of five weeks

Artists contributed to the project blog, and documented their live art experiments which culminated in a final show on Thursday 6 December.

The Schedule


Inside/Outside Symposium

The Laboratory was launched on 2 November at the Inside/Outside Symposium with the following contributions: Read, Watch, Listen


25 Silent Dissent Films were selected to be shown as a ‘rolling screening’ visible from the street for 5 weeks. 25 artists were chosen to have their work shown.

Susan Merrick Lilo in a pond 2019


From 4 Nov – Art-Research Experiments at Winchester School of Art (WSA)


18 Nov – 6 Dec 2019 – CAS Artists In Residence @ Winchester Gallery